.... Melancholy against mold

Pigment as a black powder is blown against the screen in a moment of mental games and fixed on the surface. Now sharp particles. Behind such selfless effects, the forms and elements of the theme attracted together for this series, which the painter Michi Lukas has created for his first exhibition in the gallery kunstbuero.

A floating "space" to construct, the self-sufficient in painting. Not a negative "real". Not dispositive of a pattern of content and references, but substance and appearance.

No more hesitant approach in the shadow of academic bias. Instead referential division and believed relations working with the inventory of actual events. Inside slide fragmented superimposed ends of rectangles.

It pursues their contours, 6 or sometimes 8 ... or perhaps infinite numbers in a layer. These braces from bars and lines in layers black from ordinary water colors stretch into the body of the painting. Transparent they emerge unalterable. This does not happen without suspecting a vanishing point behind. The big picture has several alignments and acts illusional. It lightens.

....I ask Michi (Michael Lukas) as we looked at the works on paper, prints, which adjoins the series for the planned exhibition.

... what you're thinking ... here comes to the honest paper, the primitive printing process and the image of irritating decay trace ... be understood all this as longing by time and imagination ... whether this reluctance to prior institutionalized constitutional painting interpret ... Control paradigms reception fulfill etc. etc ....

Michi denied, it is not to be understood as a restraint! Rather, it is a kind of active melancholy ... that refuses here to determine the form, content and interpretation institutionally. So then the melancholy is the image ... and the search image of the aesthetic that he learns in this painting ... I say ...

Return to painting! All foreseen for the exhibition have images in the center just a showy simple gesture in oil colors black / white! S-forms and Serpentines increase evidently a certain restlessness. The balances in the picture yet present.

Prior to this painting we continued our mind games. But hello, the melancholy on the paper has in the pictures of the painting exposed a partner, namely the release of Intuition, that is what the gesture put forward yet!

Intuition and melancholy as a technique to pluck the move away from institutionalized painting aesthetics even more.

„Black & White Studies“, under this title, the exhibition runs at gallery kunstbuero.
Studies? Not even the track! The painting in these pictures has grown from a long-term process and it is in continuous eruption ... fresh.

Michi says: He understands studies as sympathetic approach to the complex ...

Amer Abbas